Lotus Greens

Lotus Greens is the future of real estate in Delhi and around the National Capital Region with their futuristic developments that have been gracing the city's skyline. We dare to imagine a world where everyone can live a luxurious life in our stellar real estate complexes. Inspired by the Lotus plant that lives for over a thousand years the brand creates residential and Lotus Greens commercial developments that are focused on the future. With clarity of thought that inspires communities and individuals we focus on responsibly developing a sustainable future for families.

We believe in becoming your trusted housing development partners for life and helping you embrace our luxurious homes. Our ambitious plans are sure to change the landscape of real estate around NCR with Lotus Greens in Gurgaon and other developments of over 85 million sq ft of prime area. The next four years will see these areas transformed into sustainable and desirable projects.

Lotus Greens Parkscape

Lotus Parkscape is where tranquility and modernity meets harmony in a picturesque setting. We offer residents majestic residences spread over 50 acres of verdant greens for green living.

Lotus Greens in Yamuna Expressway has developed Parkscape with careful precision and we have ensured that our development follows strict planning guidelines. Our project conforms to globally recognized green certification ratings like GRIHA and IGBC.

Lotus Greens Isle

A big part of Lotus Greens in Noida, Lotus Greens Isle is poised to create the difference to the city's landscape. We provide people with appealing abodes where they can thrive for generations to come.

Lotus Greens Sports City

Marking our resolve towards promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, Lotus Greens Sports City elevates the spirit of sports in India.

Lotus Greens Arena

Sport is the soul of Lotus Arena offering a unique combination of exquisite indoor living and an exemplary outdoor life to residents.